Why I love this Career?

Physical therapy is a good fit for me because I like to take care of people and although people are here for orthopaedic type injuries they need a little help just like everybody else. So sometimes making them work a little harder from a psychology stand point really what makes them better. It's not so much just the physical therapy. I am a good listener. My professors taught me listen to your patients they'll tell you what's wrong. I do you think scientifically. You have to be able to motivate patients through what is often one of the hardest things that'll ever go through in their life maybe a surgery or an accident, you have to be able to use your hands in a positive way so you can progress them but not hurt them.

The best part of my day as a physical therapist is when somebody walks in and says I'm getting better because often rehab and recovery is not a straight, linear progression. There's plateaus, there's disappointments, there's pain, there’s setbacks and so when they come in and they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and they know they're going to be better soon that really makes your day a good one.